Storing & Accessing Multiple Graphs of Different Domains in Neo4j Instance

Hello All -

Being new to Neo4j world, i am bit curious to get insights on storing different graphs pertaining to different domains in a single Neo4j instance. For eg. One Graph for Airline Flight Booking domain, another one related to Banking domain, another one, say, for a Print Media House etc.

I believe we can store all of them in Neo4j, but how can we query the individual domain graph using Cypher? If one wants to access only Banking related nodes/relationships(taking example of Banking domain as mentioned above) then is there a way using which Cypher can only access the relevant details without troubling other domain graphs.

Please suggest. Thanks.

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Our next major release, aimed currently at later this year, should include multi-graph / multi-tenancy functionality that should more directly address these needs.

Currently, however, you would have to simulate this in a much more manual way using specific labels associated with the domains you want to query over (nodes in Neo4j can be multi-labeled), and including usage of those labels in your queries to restrict the nodes that are queried over and returned.

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