Storing a python input into neo4j graph using py2neo

I am programming in python and I want that every input that I get from python programming to store to neo4j graph database. I am using py2neo to connect neo4j to python. And then I want to use stanford-nlp that neo4j offers to make keyword extraction. The code that I tried is this below:

from py2neo import Graph, Node, Relationship

graph = Graph("bolt://xxxxxxxxxxx", auth=("neo4j", "xxxxx"))

nlp = input("Text: ")

def get(nlp):
query = '''
Merge (t:Text)
SET t.text = {nlp}

def find():
query_find = '''
Match (t:Text)
CALL ga.nlp.annotate({text: t.text, id: id(t)})
YIELD result
RETURN result

Can anyone help me, solving this case???

What happens with your code?

I guess you installed and configured the graphaware extension correctly for your Neo4j server?

Well yes, I configured the graphaware extension and now it is working fine because I want to things moving in the database so a made a little change. Now it is fine, but is there any way to change the method set in order to make in dynamic?? Because every input will be overwritten in the Text node...Thanks!!

That's probably then more a question for the GraphAware folks. I have not seen the text being overridden.