Store UUID as 16 bytes integer

I would like to store UUID as a property of a node, the documents and resources I've found regarding this topic are storing UUID as a string in the database.
Is there any way to store UUID as 16 byte integer in the node?
UUID data type are available in other db like SQL Server for example, using a string instead of a 16 bytes integer is a big loss of memory, specially if you have a lot of nodes.

Here are the data types supported by Neo4j

You can store values as an neo4j Integer, which I believe is equivalent to a java long (signed 64-bit integer, which is 8 bytes). One could store 16 bytes in two Integer properties, but I generally think of UUIDs as unsigned values, so that aspect might complicate things. If you end up storing the UUID in a string, I'd use base 16 (hex), it would reduce the string length.

neo4j byte array is another option, depending on the specifics it might be better than string or two Integers

though looking through the python lens, this may be helpful