Static routing/Path

Hi All,

I'm new with Neo4J and I'm trying to use in IP/MPLS field. I'm able to get the routers and links using snmp queries. So now I already have nodes and relations inside Neo4J based on the network topology and I can query the path between nodes base on Dijkstra , But some devices holds static routing. I can parse this info to add to Neo4J, but I don't know how can I add these and how Neo4J can use them in path calculations... Someone already works this static routing inside Neo4J topology to share experience ?

Best would be to share what you've already done, e.g. your model/queries.

If you want to you can also create an interactive graphgist here and share that.

You can add static routes just as relationships that represent the routes.
If it is to a network mask you can represent that possibly with intermediate nodes that are then connected to the end-ips.