State of Neo4j-Morpheus?

it's been a while since there was an update regarding the current state of events regarding morpheus - especially with the (upcoming?) release of spark 3.0 - i want to cautiously try using morpheus in production, but have multiple concerns :

  1. in the following link ->
    morpheus is describe as a neo4j-enterprise feature. (that builds on CAPS) . yet it's repository ( changed from CAPS to morpheus , and has an apache license. does this mean that morpheus is entirely apache-2 licensed?
  2. is there still ongoing development or a roadmap ? is there a chance that using morpheus now (basing flows on top of its API's) would break once SPARK-3.0 comes out (with it's cypher features) ?

Thank you ! this is an amazing piece of SW which currently i believe tops GraphX \ GraphFrames and would really like to see it grow

Welcome martziano3. I don't have an answer for the question, just want to express my interest as well. It looks like the code was last touched around 6 months ago, it would be nice to know status.

Hi Joel ... I know , it’s just weird.
Morpheus was presented in 2 of the last spark conferences , as the next big thing in graph data integration for big data, but suddenly , everything just stopped.

BTW, i followed the JIRA for spark 3.0 and asked there ( in one of the spark-cypher closed pull request) - spark cypher is not getting into spark 3.0 ( which is already in feature-freeze state). The commenter also mentioned that he doesn’t believe the spark-cypher is even in future plans anymore.

Now , weré left with morpheus , but have no way to know ( and neo4j doesn’t share anymore) about it’s state - can we count on it being compatible with spark 3 ? Did neo4j abandon it as well and not planning to support it from now on ?

Even from a business prespective, this doesn’t make sense. I started planning an architecture based on morpheus and neo4j , but will probably drop both in that case ( as i need both , and the spark integration in morpheus is extremely important for me) .

Hopefully someone from neo4j would break silence regarding it and share an update.