Spring Neo4j RX fails at DTO projection

Hi, I have changed dependency as below and facing some projection issues since;


I am using reactive repository with cypher query;

public interface ProductionGenreRepository extends ReactiveNeo4jRepository<ProductionGenre, Long> {
	@Query("MATCH (n:ProductionGenre)-[t:TRANSLATED_IN]->(l:Locale {name: $locale}) "
			+ "RETURN n{id: ID(n), name: t.text} "
			+ "ORDER BY t.text")
	Flux<GenreResponse> findByLocale(Locale locale);


public class GenreResponse {
	private final Long id;
	private final String name;

DefaultNeo4jConverter converts first record but it throws exception on second record. Return type is Flux but I have this error;

Does anyone encounter this kind of issue?
Thanks in advance,


GitHub - neo4j/sdn-rx: Nextgen Spring Data module for Neo4j supporting (not only) reactive data access and immutable support (including its Spring Boot starter spring-data-neo4j-rx-spring-boot-starter) is not maintained and has been replaced with Spring Data Neo4j (SDN) 6: Spring Data Neo4j.

I strongly advise you to migrate, chances are the bug you're facing has been fixed in SDN.

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