Slow Cypher Query using CONTAINS and relationships attributes

In our database we have a lot of nodes of type "Document"

MATCH (n:Document) RETURN COUNT(n) AS count



When queries are made using the operator = the response is fast

But we need to search only nodes containing number 8981231 and having relations with the following attributes:

MATCH (n:Document) WHERE (n.number CONTAINS '8981231') WITH n WHERE ((n)-[{someAttribute: 'linkAnalisysTest'}]-()) RETURN n.number LIMIT 10

Time to complete query

Started streaming 2 records after 10196 ms and completed after 44930 ms.

Explain (edited)

Can you run a PROFILE instead, and also expand all elements of the query plan? It's the double-down arrow in the lower right of the result pane.

Hi! thanks for reply

Sorry for my mistake i just attached the wrong image

Explain (Correct) (Type of node is "cpf" i put "Document" to facilitate understanding


My guess is because the database can't do an exact match, reading from the beginning and moving on when the beginning of the attribute isn't a match, but instead the database has to examine the whole string of the attribute for the CONTAIN operation, you're seeing more db hits? This is only speculation.


  • Can you provide the Profile for both the = and the CONTAINS queries so we can compare the two explanations?
  • Do you have any regular indexes specified on this attribute?
  • Have you looked at specifying a Full Text Search index on this data. If you're doing a fuzzy contains search, the Lucene index would be worth looking into.

Hi mike! thanks for reply

Answer the questions

  • Indexes
    Yes we have indexes in attributes (cpf and "someAttribute")

  • Full Text Search
    We try use Full text search but the result is the same (slow query)

  • Profile (=)

HI guys

We try another approach and works!!!

CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes('document', '*95587*') yield node AS n WITH n WHERE ((n)-[{someAttribute: 'linkAnalisys'}]-()) RETURN n.number LIMIT 10
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