SJ Porter from South Carolina, USA

Hey there,

I'm a data engineer / data scientist currently working in the consumer reporting industry. I've been toying around with neo4j for a few years now, but only in the past year have I gotten past the learning curve and unlocked my ability to utilize graph databases to their true potential! I've been using neo4j regularly for analysis and development solutions.

I hope that I can get some help when needed from the community, and promise to provide advice or my personal solutions to problems when I run across questions I can answer!

You can find me on Medium and LinkedIn :slight_smile:

Hi SJ. I'm a data scientist, too. A pleasure to meet you. Looking forward to maybe comparing notes in the future.

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Certainly. Most of my work lately has been in writing custom Python services for securely and maintainably interacting with neo4j, and also in making it a bit easier to create nodes generically.