Sinister Penguin - Modernising 20 million CMDB CI's

Hi - I work for an IT Managed Hosting company, I'd like to use neo4j to modernise & fully leverage our 20 million CI CMDB.

Its central to our organisation & I'm sure i can use neo4j to enrich the data & add value.

So I'm particularly interested in importing data into neo4j from SQL Server & from XML files as well as synchronising with external data sources.


This sounds like a challenge but also fun if you get it solved.
Let me know if the procedures in APOC for loading from relational databases and XML are helpful for you.

There are a bunch of talks that I linked in other places on this topic, that might be interesting to you:

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Can the below query works if I have 33 million data which output using multiple join queries...
CALL apoc.load.jdbc('jdbc:derby:derbyDB','SELECT * FROM PERSON WHERE AGE > 18')

Sure, you just want to wrap the apoc.load.jdbc thing into an apoc.periodic.iterate with he 2nd statement doing the updating. Best ask in #neo4j-graph-platform:procedures-apoc

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