Serial letter with neo4j and MS Word

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How could I use a neo4j-DB as a source for a serial letter created with MS Word?

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Could you elaborate a little bit?
What is a serial letter?
What are you trying to achieve?


Sending a series of letters based on a database-query (e.g. invoices). I‘m not sure if „serial letter“ is the correct English term...

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You mentioned MS Word in the initial description. The invoices you mentioned are MS Word documents?
Do you want to store the document contents to Neo4j?

Not exactly. The data for the invoices will be drawn out of a neo4j-database, but the documents (invoices are just an example) are created with MS Word. The MS Word-file contains placeholders where the properties of the nodes shall be displayed accordingly (for a SQL-DB, this would be the content of a table or the result of a query).

I see. How can we help here? :slight_smile:

Is there some kind of interface for that? Of course, there is the option to export data to csv and to import it into MS Word, but this seems rather :upside_down_face:. Any other solution?

@janezic Unfortunately, I do not see any option to directly export to a Word Document with any available APOC export procedures.
The best I can think would be to create a Cypher extension, integrating Apache POI? This could make a nice addition to APOC.