SDN + Reactive?

My colleague who understands the Java stack far better than I pointed out that a synchronously queried database may not work so well with the reactive patterns we're using in our projects (WebFlux). The concern was thread starvation, so he found me this:

However, I note this has a stern warning, "Asynchronous query execution is different from reactive query execution and should not be mixed." Is anyone successfully using Neo4j with reactive patterns, or know what the caveats and workarounds might be!

Thank you!



We don't have a fully reactive driver right now, meaning: We could build "fake" reactivity on asynchronous calls but those would not support back pressure etc.

We decided against this until there is a fully reactive driver.

See this response from Mark:

Thank you and sorry that this does not yet fulfill your needs. I'd personally like see a fully reactive Neo4j Spring Boot demo sooner than later, too.

Thanks for this update, @michael.simons. Is there any "official" place to witness the progress around this feature?

I think for now we'll stick with our current arch. since we won't be under significant load for a while. Holding out for full reactive support until early next year – worst case, we'll have to fake it, as you outlined.

Just starting a new Spring-boot project, would like to make it reactive. Is there an update on a reactive neo4j java driver?