Sdn neo4j @Labels dont return default label


I am using spring-boot-starter-data-neo4j to model my graph and i have :

public class ApplicationEntity {

    Long id;

    String name;

    List<String> nodeLabels;

    @Relationship(type = "CALLS")
    private List<ApplicationEntity> apps = new ArrayList<>();


When i get an ApplicationEntity and i do .getNodeLabels() i dont have the App label, i have all other labels but not the default one.
How can i get all labels include the default one.

Thank you.

You know the class you are loading, so if you would externalize the node entity label into a constant, you could access it.
A more advanced idea would be if you have inheritance or similar, to put the class and the label into a map, to access it via the class.
We basically do the second one internally but there is no officially documented (and supported) API. If you have access to a SessionFactory instance, you could do sessionFactory.metaData().classInfo(ApplicationEntity.class).staticLabels()