Schema visualization different from initialized graph structure

Hello everyone,

I have a graph which includes a hierarchy of nuts regions, among others.
This is the cypher which was used to create the hierarchical relationships between the different levels of regions:

MATCH (n3:Nuts3)
MATCH (n2:Nuts2 {code: left(n3.code, 4)})
MERGE (n3)-[:PART_OF]->(n2);

MATCH (n2:Nuts2)
MATCH (n1:Nuts1 {code: left(n2.code, 3)})
MERGE (n2)-[:PART_OF]->(n1);

MATCH (n1:Nuts1)
MATCH (c:Country {code: left(n1.code, 2)})
MERGE (n1)-[:PART_OF]->(c);

So basically, every NUTS 3 region (the lowest level) is a part of a NUTS 2 region which is in turn part of a NUTS 1 region.
However, when I CALL db.schema.visualization, I get the following:


Can someone explain to me where the self-ties and the reciprocal ties between Nuts1 and Nuts2 come from? Is the creation of the ties a bad way to do it? Or did I misunderstand something about the schema visualization?


Agree, the output doesn't look correct.
Try this and compare

call apoc.meta.graph()

Thanks, That does indeed give the correct graph. Any idea why the Schema visualization doesn’t?

a bug... I suspect. :slight_smile:

I see, I might open an issue then. Thanks again :slight_smile: