Ryan Boyd - Developer Relations at Neo4j

(Ryan Boyd) #1

Hey there!

I'm Ryan. I've been working on the Neo4j DevRel team for nearly 4 years and (i)-[:LOVE]->(graphs)!

I'm based in San Mateo, California, USA at the Neo4j Headquarters and live down the street in Burlingame, CA with my partner, our toddler Kaia and our dog #DigitTheDog.

When I'm not playing with my daughter, I can be found cycling, sailing, camping or traveling. My work takes me all around the world, so reach out if you want to meet up and I'll likely be around sometime. Of course, we can chat on Slack on ryguyrg.neo or you can reach me on twitter @ryguyrg.

Hope you have a blast building on Neo4j and reach out if our team can help in any way.


(Karin Wolok) #2

Hi Ryan!
Thanks for joining us and thanks for making such a great decision of adding me to your team! :wink: . (I love it here and I lovvvee our community!)