Running semantics.importRDF local vs remote


running 1. (remote) works fine, while running 2. (local) doesn't work (see results below)

  1. remote CALL semantics.importRDF("","Turtle",{})

  2. local CALL semantics.importRDF("file://Users/bora/Documents/nsmntx.ttl","Turtle",{})

│"KO" │0 │0 │{} │"Users" │{}

Add one more slash in the url. Notice the file:/// :

CALL semantics.importRDF("file:///Users/bora/Documents/nsmntx.ttl","Turtle",{})

But I see that the error message is not particularly helpful :( we'll try to improve that.



Hi Jesus,
thanks for the answer.

I have another related question:
running the command

CALL n10s.rdf.import.fetch("file://nsmntx.ttl","Turtle")


"terminationStatus"│"triplesLoaded"│"triplesParsed"│"namespaces"│"extraInfo" │"callParams"│
│"KO"               │0              │0              │null        │"nsmntx.ttl"│{}          │

The file nsmntx.ttl is taken from

Any thoughts why I'm not receiving any results?

Hi, is it not exactly the same problem?

What happens if you try this path instead? "file:///Users/bora/Documents/nsmntx.ttl"

You have to use an absolute path in 4.0, just like you did in 3.5

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