Running Neo4j Desktop on Chrome OS

(Michael McKenzie) #1

Has anyone tried using Neo4j Desktop on Chrome OS?

I have deployed on GCP and used Codesandbox, but am interested in working locally on Chrome OS, particularly when I do not have internet access. I have a Macbook Pro (older 15" that isn't easy to travel with) that is my main machine, but I also have a Samsung Chromebook Plus that I have on me frequently.

I know that Chrome OS is still being developed, but I thought it might be possible with running Linux apps.

(Stefan Armbruster) #2

I doubt that this will work. According to electron apps do not work on ChromeOS. Neo4j Desktop is basically an electron app.

However you might be able to run a virtual machine on your ChromeOS and install Neo4j Desktop inside. Maybe contains some pointers.

(Michael McKenzie) #3

I will check that out. I figured it might not be quite possible yet, but I am hopeful this could change in the future.