Ronie Uliana - Data Scientist and Complex Network Researcher

(Ruliana) #1

Hi, everybody!

I have made some research on complex networks and community detection. I also used a probability propagating graph to help detecting dangerous passengers at 99 (Uber's competitor in Brazil).

I'm interested in graphs for fraud detection and for text mining :slight_smile:

Also, Scheme (programming language), board games, tabletop RPGs are my hobbies. If anyone there in Ottawa or São Paulo wants to meet to a coffee and some talk, I'm all in :smiley:

(Tom) #2

Welcome to the forum Ronie !

(Michael Hunger) #3

Hi Ronie,

are you part of the SP meetup group? Perhaps you want to talk there about the things you've built with Neo4j?

If you're interested in ML/graph analytics we'd love to hear from you what would help you be successful and what are the tools that you'd be looking for.

(Ruliana) #4

Hi, Michael!

I'm not part of the meetup group. It'll be nice to talk to everybody.

Do you send me the link to join it?



(Michael Hunger) #5

Here you go. Have fun