Requests to Neo4j on localhost are slower than anticipated

Hi all,

I'm running a Neo4j instance on localhost via Neo4j Desktop. I'm connecting to the instance via a Node.js/Express server (also running locally).

For some reason the round-trip time for basic queries (i.e. fetching a node by an indexed ID) is taking around 100ms. I checked the ResultSummary(resultAvailableAfter) and it says the query executed in 1ms. Since everything is running on localhost, I don't understand where the 100ms of latency is coming from. Any ideas?

What are your memory configurations? Are you doing any processing of the data on the node / express side? Doing any authentication or have any middleware running? What is the time when running directly in the neo4j browser?

If the query time is lower when using the browser, chances are the latency is coming from node / express.

It's just milliseconds and I don't think it's performing slower. Also, computer performance matters. So, if you have lower memory hooked, then you may also get result in a slower.