Removing entries from @Properties maps in OGM

(Martin Folke Emdal) #1

Hi, I can't seem to remove a an entry from a map property of a node. For instance if the node Test with id "testId" has a map with the mapping "1" to "2" the code below will not remove that entry.

class Test {
  @Id String id;
  Map<String, String> map;

  // This code will not remove the "1" to "2" mapping from the database.
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Test test = session.load(Test.class, "testId");"1");;

Found a way to circumvent this by using an AttributeConverter instead of the @Properties notation. Since removing and adding things from lists seem to be easier with the OGM framework this code worked:

public class MyMapConverter implements AttributeConverter<Map<Integer,Integer>, List<Long>> {

  public List<Long> toGraphProperty(Map<Integer, Integer> map) {
    if (map == null) {
      return null;
    List<Long> list = new ArrayList<>();
    map.forEach((key, value) -> {
      list.add((((long) key) << 32 ) | value);
    return list;

  public Map<Integer,Integer> toEntityAttribute(List<Long> list) {
    Map<Integer,Integer> map = new HashMap<>();
    list.forEach(entry -> map.put((int) (entry >> 32), (int) (long) entry));
    return map;

(Gerrit Meier) #2

Hi, could you tell us which version of Neo4j-OGM you are using? This was a bug/limitation we had before 3.1.6. Would be nice if you can upgrade this and check if the problem still exists within you application.

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(Martin Folke Emdal) #3

Hi, it seemed we were still on 3.1.5. Upgraded and tested with 3.1.6 now and it worked. Thanks!


(Godisdj007) #4

I am trying in 3.1.7 and its still not working.

        if (propValue == null)
			entity.getProperties().put(propName, propValue);;

Doesn't remove the map property on save.