Remote guide error TypeError: Failed to fetch

I see no answered questions about this so either nobody creates custom guides to :PLAY or the solution is so obvious that it would take a real newb to miss it.

Currently using 3.x Community Edition - so if this is an Enterprise only feature will install that and try again.

Have set up what I believe to be the appropriate permitted locations in neo4j.conf:*

Have set up an S3 bucket with appropriate read permissions and what I believe to be a correct CORS setting:

<CORSConfiguration xmlns="">

I know it is seeing the file because if I change the name it says it "can't find anything about that", I can get the file down from AWS so I know the read permissions are correct, but I get TypeError: FailedtoFetch.

I thought it might be HTML content problems (created with AsciiDoc) so I did a simple "Hello World" HTML page which received the same error.

I know this has to be a newb mistake but I can not find anything relevant online or in the manual. Have spent more time on this than I would like to admit and am ready for the newb walk of shame. Help!


These guides don't support everything a normal browser does, and some file-types require somewhat specific formats. Without seeing the files, I can only guess that there is a src, include, or content which the Neo4j Browser can't load.

It might be worth digging deeper into $NEO4J_HOME/logs to see if you can get more details, or just playing the url manually.