Relationship labels with python neo4j-driver

Hello guys,

How do I get all the labels of the relationships with python neo4j-driver 1.7.6, I'm using query = (MATCH (n)-[r]-(m) WHERE n.doc = '1234' RETURN r )
My database got many relationships for a node (Ex: [:Buyer], [:Seller], [:Owner] ... ) but always returns [:Buyer]


Hi @pedrochagasjr,

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  1. If you need type of the relationship then return type(r).
  2. Please make sure if respective node have all those types of relationships you have mentioned
  3. As a best practice try to use Label also

type (r) .... works !!! I didn't understand the third item.


Third one is about labels
like in the below code I have two types of nodes (Labels of nodes) Person and Company.
MATCH (n:Person)-[r]-(m:Company)

rather than
MATCH (n)-[r]-(m)

ok ... thank you !!!