Relationship between eager operators and node names when loading csv

Hi all, does anyone know why the name of a node I create would be the difference between whether my query has an eager operator or not? For more context, I am attempting to create a graph from a csv using the LOAD CSV command and some MERGE statements. My first attempt worked and produced the graph I wanted just fine. However, when I suddenly changed the name of a node in a single MERGE statement, I got the following error which indeed caused problems with:

"The execution plan for this query contains the Eager operator, which forces all dependent data to be materialized in main memory before proceeding.
Using LOAD CSV with a large data set in a query where the execution plan contains the Eager operator could potentially consume a lot of memory and is likely to not perform well. See the Neo4j Manual entry on the Eager operator for more information and hints on how problems could be avoided."

I thought this error would be caused by maybe me adding a new MERGE statement that pulls aggregated data or something like that, so if any can share some ideas as to why this is happening that'd be great

Ah, so of course I find the bug only after I make a post about the issue LOL (classic amirite?).

So the issue was that when I changed the name from "oldName" to "newName", I forgot to rename all the subsequent "oldName" nodes. As such, the erred query created nodes with both labels "oldName" and "newName". So I just renamed everything I was supposed to and now it works.

I hope this helps someone who encounters the same issue :)