Py2neo or neo4j

Should I use Neo4j driver or py2neo to read and write neo4j databases in Python?What's the difference?

Personally I use the official driver, but there might be advantages to using the py2neo driver in some cases. I don't know which is updated more quickly after a new Neo4j release.

The py2neo page has this to say on the subject

When considering whether to use py2neo or the official Python Driver for Neo4j, there is a trade-off to be made. Py2neo offers a larger surface, with both a higher level API and an OGM, but the official driver provides mechanisms to work with clusters, such as automatic retries. If you are new to Neo4j, need an OGM, do not want to learn Cypher immediately, or require data science integrations, py2neo may be the better choice. If you are building a high-availability Enterprise application, or are using a cluster, you likely need the official driver