Process huge files and extract before and after image of the changes

I have two huge files. The driver file contains 30 Million shipment details. The other file contains the correction details of each Shipment. Based on a specific correction criteria of a Shipment, I have to build the before and after image correction details.

To identify the specific correction criteria, I will have to read through all the previous corrections for the Shipment and then I have to build the before and after image.

Currently I built this logic in Python with Pandas dataframe. This logic works well with 300K records and it takes less than 5 mins for the same. But if I want to try it out for the real production file with 30+ million records, it runs for a very long time in my VDI machine.

Is this something that could be achieved in Neo4j?

Not really sure what you mean with images. Perhaps you can post some more details of your python process.