Problem with Neo4j adapter installation

I'm trying to use Community server version on Centos.
As per instructions, before installing I need install openjdk 11 (installed) and Neo4j adapter - and I have problem with adapter installation:
[MIRROR] neo4j-java11-adapter.noarch.rpm: Curl error (60): Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates for [SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate]

What wrong?

Hi @olgafedorchenko ,

Which instructions are you following? I'm having the unhelpful works-for-me experience when I try to do:

curl -O

From this page Deploy Neo4j using the Neo4j RPM package - Operations Manual


Thank you for reply, is there some way to check if the adapter installed correctly?
I have popular problem with websocket in browser - no connection to db

Probably the best check would be to ssh onto the machine to see whether you can connect locally to the DBMS.

First verify that Neo4j is running:

./bin/neo4j status

Then check whether you can connect and run queries using cypher shell: