Problem with Graph visualization

I am using a Desktop version of Neo4j. I have imported a csv file and Neo4j somehow detects one column(text datatype) as null inspite of all my values being present. The column contains text data. Has somebody come across this issue. I have just begun exploring Neo4j, would appreciate the help.. Thanks in advance.

Hi @aaditmalikayil,

First welcome in our community :slight_smile: and please more describe your problems. Maybe here: Null values in csv you found solution for your problem.

Hey @maciej.krzywdaa,
First of all, thanks for responding. :slight_smile:
I have gone through the link above, but unfortunately I'm not able to find the right solution for my problem. In my case, the column does not have null values. Because of that, the column node in the graph made by neo4j only shows ID values. I am attaching some images that could give you a clear picture.

This is the graph:

The red nodes display IDs. But I need the text values from the above column

You can configure which property is displayed as the value. Simply click on the red node,

then click on the Label of that node,

and select the text property.

hi @Luanne_Misquitt
tried that too.. :sweat_smile:

just a silly doubt. could it be that because this column is my first column in the .csv it is taking it is index ?
Because, I already added an index col and the problem still persists.

Oh I see, the text value isn't even on your node. You'll have to provide more details about the format of the csv and how you imported it

So, this is my code:

LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///win.csv" AS line
WITH line

WHERE line.Country is NOT NULL
MERGE (c:Country{Name:line.Country})
MERGE (p:Producer{Name:line.Producer})
CREATE (wn:WineN{name:line.WineName})
CREATE (r:Rating{Name:line.Rating})
MERGE (c)-[:has]->(p)
MERGE (p)-[:produces]->(wn)
MERGE (wn)-[:priced]->(pr)
MERGE (wn)-[:rated]->(r)

Also, I noticed that when I used CREATE for the WineName column, i get the error Cannot merge with null. However I did check and didnt find any null/empty cells.
Do tell me if my interpretation is wrong.
Thanks :slight_smile: