Problem using "apoc.mongodb.get"

Hi all

I need your help, I am trying to import data from a Mongo DB to Neo4J version 3.5.13 using "apoc.mongodb.get" using a call similar to the following:

CALL apoc.periodic.iterate(
	'call apoc.mongodb.get(
	'CREATE (e:Entitat {identificador : value.keyEntity}) SET 
		e.nif=value.nif, e.entity_name=value.entity_name,, e.tipology=value.tipology, e.type_entity=value.typeEntity, 
	{batchSize:10000, parallel:true});

In the mongo collection I have 10240 documents but in Neo4J more than a million nodes are created, do you have any idea that I can be doing wrong ?.

I apologize for my poor English and thank you in advance for any help.

Juan Carlos PĂ©rez C