Print in plugins?

I've just started to learn how to write plugins for neo4j. Havent done any java programming in years either, so a bit rusty on how everything works.
While developing id like to print some intermediate stuff to see how everything is going, but i keep failing in that :confused:

System.out.println ends up in the neo log when actually deploying, but would like it to print when running the tests as that would be better. Tried to use java.util.log to console but that also seems to be swallowed up.

Is there an easy way to get some info from the plugin? There should be, right??
I just use emacs and cmdline so would prefer to not have to run it in a debugger.

Neo4j has logs which dump the output from the java engine. These are found in the ./logs directory with the names:

  • neo4j.log
  • debug.log

thanks for the reply. That seems to work when i deploy the plugin an run the neo server, but not when i run the unit tests using neo4j-harness :confused: