Preston Intro

(Preston Hendrickson) #1

Hello Graphers!

I'm Preston Hendrickson and I've been using Neo4j since version 1.9 (you read that right). Currently, just finished a mission critical project that migrated a mainframe into Neo4j. I'm an avid grapher and you can find me at the Washington-Baltimore Neo4j meetup group or speaking at various events in the Washington DC area.

Feel free to drop me a note if questions arise.

(Tom) #2

Welcome to the forum Preston ! @stefan.armbruster ... 1.9 wasn't that the version you cut your teeth on as well ?

(Michael Hunger) #3

Welcome Preston, so you're an old-timer. Mainframe sounds a bit scary but also cool that you got it migrated.

If you want to share your infos to a wider world, feel free to ping me, e.g. for the online meetup or

(Stefan Armbruster) #4

I've started with 0.9 ;-)