Persisting relationships with properties with Spring Data Neo4J

Hi all, I have a conceptual question in terms of persisting relationships with properties. I've googled and seems @RelationshipEntity is the way to go, however all references I've seen of it come from the OGM dependency (like "org.neo4j.ogm.annotation" for example).

Is there a way to achieve this by using SDN? I wouldn't assume this is the way; I've heard the new SDN version is isolated from OGM. Or maybe my assumption is not correct?

Quick recap:
SDN 5 and lower use Neo4j-OGM as the mapping framework
SDN 6 is a standalone solution without Neo4j-OGM

From what we have learned with RelationshipEntity also from the user perspective, we decided to downgrade relationships with properties from a first class entity to a rich connection between @Node entities.
This means that we still support relationship with properties (SDN 6 documentation - Relationship properties) but you cannot work with them directly and have to use the relationship defining entities (nodes) to load, modify and persist them.

Thank you, this completely clears the questions I had.