Perl 5 driver

If you're looking for a Perl 5 driver for Neo4j, here are two options:



The first one has been around for several years, and includes an OGM style interface, batch processing, and the ability to apply application-level constraints (similar to a schema). However, it hasn't been updated for a while, and seems to have a memory leak, which can be a problem with long-running applications.

The second option is much newer and has fewer features, but it does not rely on the legacy Cypher endpoint, which is apparently due to disappear in Neo4j 4.x. It is also currently described as "pre-release" quality. However I have had good success using it for a while, and would recommend it over the first one. (You may want to increase the HTTP timeout from the default 6 seconds.)

Haven't used Perl the last 15 years, but quick internet research pointed me to - maybe that's what you're looking for.

Thanks Stefan! I missed that one. Will give it a try. (It looks like Neo4j::Driver is able to integrate with Neo4j::Bolt in order to provide a Bolt transport option in addition to the default HTTP, although Neo4j::Bolt is not yet available on CPAN.)