Pattern discovery using graph navigation - Regexp-like queries

Hi all,

This is just a generic question about Cypher functions and syntax from a healthcare informatics specialist. I have worked quite a significant time with event-based pattern discovery on the Teradata Aster platform using the nPath functionality (which IMHO is a graph navigation based on a regexp query syntax that allows data sequencing and time- or property-based sorting...kind of windowing functions in traditional SQL). The reason for endorsing this functionality is well explained in this article (Analysis of a Sequence of Events in Healthcare | Semantic Scholar) but brifly it boild down to the essence of healthcare life-long accumulation of events that are / not influencing each other. For example, finding all the patients that had at a third lab sample (in chronological order) after a particular medication an white-blood-cell drop is a common task for finding risk-prone patients to cortison therapy. For a more thorough example (from the customer service field) this tutorial is also very descriptive (VIDEO 5 Aster Express - Running your first nPath Query - YouTube) . Since Aster accomplishes this pattern searching through it's graph engine I was wondering if this is also somehow achievable in Neo4j using Cypher sequence of commands. Thanks.