Patrick, Brazil, Fraud Detection, Government, Open Data

Hi Neo4j Community,

My name is Patrick, I'm a Physicist, undergraduate in Analysis and Development of Systems. I have two Data Science Specializations: One focused in Machine Learning and another in Big Data Analytics.

I live in Florianópolis/SC, Brazil. I discovered graphs working for a Big Data company.
I would like to share professional experience and get new ideas from the community!

My main interests are Machine Learning applied to Big Data Integration of Open Data, Fraud Detection, Fintechs and Cryptocurrencies.

Hi Patrick!

Thanks for joining us! You're definitely in the right place!

@cesar recently did a Neo4j Online Meetup on this topic:

And also @sony and @Thomas_Silkjaer did this:

Hi Patrick, I'm from Colombia but living in London. I work at
Good to connect with you!


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