Parameter in Cypher cause warning


First off, I set the parameter:
And then I use the parameter but it has the following warning.

The statement refers to a parameter that was not provided in the request.
Did not supply query with enough parameters. The produced query plan will not be cached and is not executable without EXPLAIN. (Missing parameters: org_id)

Can anyone tell me why and how I fix this?


Hello @mading0817

I can't tell in details what are the consequences, but for now Neo4j is telling you that it doesn't like the fact that you are using a parameter directly as a returning value.

This might cause performance issues in the query planning.

MATCH (o:Org)
WHERE = $org_id

DO NOT return the $org_id, it's useless anyway you already have it in your result's column.

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That looks buggy to me. I think our browser team would want to take a look at this. What version of the browser is being used? If you click the Neo4j icon in the lower left sidebar it should show the versions.

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I am using neo4j desktop the version I cannot recall, sorry :joy:
But I always update the desktop as soon as it release new version