Overriding graph model elements


I am trying to import an ontology using custom label names for classes like in this example form the documentation:

CALL n10s.onto.import.fetch("https://github.com/neo4j-labs/neosemantics/raw/3.5/docs/rdf/vw.owl","Turtle", {
  classLabel : 'Category',
  objectPropertyLabel: 'Rel',
  dataTypePropertyLabel: 'Prop'

Unfortunately the passed parameters are not taken into account and the labels of the imported data are still the default ones. When I change the classLabel in the n10s.graphconfig.init procedure then it works. But I would like to import several ontologies with different classLabels. Any idea what might be the cause of this problem? I would be very thankful for any feedback :slight_smile:
I am using the latest neo4j docker image from dockerhub.