Online Meetup: Neo4j Spatial (Dec 6)

(Craig Taverner) #1

Neo4j 3.4 delivered some powerful new spatial and temporal features for modeling and querying graphs that include location and date-time elements. In this talk we will show you how these capabilities can be used to build web application with interactive maps that allow intuitive querying of spatial and temporal graphs. To really turbo-charge your application we'll show you how to import data from the single biggest spatial graph ever, the OpenStreetMap graph, as well as how to extend the capabilities of Neo4j from mere point locations to polygon searches.

OSM Routing App -
OSM importer and route graph generation procedures
the 'point in polygon' function -
generally useful for many things, we used it for batching the imports

YouTube Video:

(Taytbicknell) #2

My recent discovery of (and subsequent crush on) the d3.js library is what had me sign up for Online Meetup: Neo4j Spatial. Any suggestions for a first things first approach to data modeling/visualization from more seasoned developers’ perspective with hindsight (as per ”if I could learn what I know now, again - I’d start with ‘xyz’ ”) would be greatly appreciated. Also curious of this event will be recorded/available for viewing following it’s scheduled duration.

Thanks so much. - @taytbicknell