Oleg - Discovering my Community Connections!

Hello, I'm Oleg, and this is my entry for the contest :)

1. Finding connections
@altereagle - Looks like we're both from Michigan :)
@12kunal34 - We both have a birthday in January :)
@mmorley - We're both working with natural language, but I'm sure I have much further to go

2. New post

3. What I'd like from the community site
While working on optimizing my queries, I remembered about Code Golf on Stackexchange (https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/).
I'm not sure of it fits here, but having a place to post questions/challenges on a dataset/db instance to see who can get the requested result in fewest db hits, and then people could view the iterations the query took to get there. I've see that even little things like not specifying the node label can make a (very in this case) small difference.

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Thanks for participating, Oleg! Going to send you a private message to claim your gift! :smile: