Not able to create multiple constraints through code, even after using different session for each call


Not able to create multiple constraints through code.

  • Neo4j version: Community 4.0.3
  • Neo4j Mode: Single instance
  • Driver version: Javascript : "4.0.0",
  • Operating system: Mac OS

Steps to reproduce

I am creating some constraint statements for my neo4j DB through code, and I loop through all of them and create the respective cypher statements:

//loop through constraints
const statement = `CREATE CONSTRAINT ON (${name}:${type}) ASSERT ${name}.${parameter} IS UNIQUE`

runConstraint(driver, statement)
function runConstraint(driver, constraintStatement) {
  var session = driver.session()
  return session
    .then((result) => {
      console.log('result : ', result)
    .catch((error) => {
      console.log('error : ', error)

Expected behavior

The code should create all the constraints one by one, since I'm using a new session object for each call. Shouldn't each Session.close commit the transaction?

Actual behavior

After the first constraint is created, I get:

error : Neo4jError: Database constraints have changed (txId=26) after this transaction (txId=1) started, which is not yet supported. Please retry your transaction to ensure all constraints are executed.