New Neo4j-Streams (Neo4j + Kafka) Documentation posted

We've substantially updated the documentation and put it in a new location, here:

We're working on updating the GitHub references so they point to this spot going forward.

New topics we're covering in this documentation include:

  • Using neo4j-streams with Confluent Cloud
  • Running on Neo4j Enterprise causal clusters
  • Advanced configuration of Kafka properties

The documentation is really great! I am almost there to set up my first integration with Confluent Cloud. I know it may sound weird but I could not find any documentation on confluent's website neither related to the kafka.bootstrap.servers URL format. If anybody ever used it, I would really appreciate any support.


kafka.bootstrap.servers: <CLUSTER_ID>.<REGION>.<CLOUD_PROVIDER><PORT>

You actually already have the right answer. The format of the URL you provided matches exactly what I've seen with confluent cloud. Thing is, usually the UI doesn't give you all of these tokens, they just give you an endpoint address that happens to follow this format exactly.

When I configure neo4j-streams, I do exactly like what you've got here to connect to confluent cloud.

Thanks David,

I might have another issue then. Because my logs say No resolvable bootstrap URLs given in bootstrap.servers

The Confluent UI does not tell me the port but I guessed it to be 9092.

I am a bit stuck I must say :slight_smile:

I think I found it under Cluster > CLI & client configuration > Java Client tab

If you can't find the endpoint via the UI, you can also get it via the ccloud command line tool.

If you choose Cluster -> SEttings -> CLI Settings then it'll show you how to install ccloud and authenticate with that. Then you list your available clusters with ccloud kafka cluster list and it will give you a cluster ID, which you can then use like this:

$ ccloud kafka cluster describe lkc-4j798
| Id           | lkc-4j798                                                 |
| Name         | graphka                                                   |
| Ingress      |                                                       100 |
| Egress       |                                                       100 |
| Storage      |                                                      5000 |
| Provider     | gcp                                                       |
| Region       | us-central1                                               |
| Status       | UP                                                        |
| Endpoint     | SASL_SSL:// |
| ApiEndpoint  |        |
| PricePerHour |                                                    230060 |

The endpoint is what you're looking for.

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