New AMIs for Neo4j 3.4.7 (with APOC & Graph Algos) available on AWS

(M. David Allen) #1

Hi all,

We recently built updated AMIs for Neo4j 3.4.7, including these two plugins. Here are the AMI IDs, which should be public and you can launch directly, or include in any other CloudFormation templates or orchestrations you run.

Anyone can launch Community. For Enterprise instances, please fill out this link to either register your cloud instance (if you're an existing customer) or get a 30-day evaluation license if you don't have one.

As one side note that's AWS specific - if you launch the community VMs they will automatically change their password to the instance ID that you launched, so you can log in that way. For enterprise the password stays the default neo4j/neo4j, this is because that AMI is often used in templates for cluster formations.

Useful documentation!

We'd love to hear how people are using these, so please follow up if you have any questions.

Neo4j Community 3.4.7 with APOC & Graph Algos

ap-northeast-1: ami-056bb1780ba677fd7
ap-southeast-1: ami-0b29c76a4e1947f34
eu-central-1: ami-0ab40f21db538e6dd
eu-west-1: ami-031ef4d02cc8c7241
sa-east-1: ami-0f4bed7d454c5ffab
us-east-1: ami-080afb1b7d1697c61
us-east-2: ami-0eb2dbcd86dca516a
us-west-1: ami-07e3f3dc2f359655c
us-west-2: ami-017da18151f4a38ae

Neo4j Enterprise 3.4.7 with APOC & Graph Algos

ap-northeast-1: ami-015458c3c36edb5b5
ap-southeast-1: ami-0d2553a32d5439cc6
eu-central-1: ami-080f9dcf28cc7ea02
eu-west-1: ami-0ee4c581e8d1e1908
sa-east-1: ami-021155ffa7f0390d9
us-east-1: ami-0417a579d84818e55
us-east-2: ami-056ff4b2cbec53e8e
us-west-1: ami-0ce0d57475fffcc84
us-west-2: ami-055dfe522e1a85aa3
New AMIs available on AWS
(M. David Allen) #2

I forgot to mention -- Neo4j Enterprise Causal Cluster on AWS Marketplace is going to be updated too to 3.4.7, it's in the works being reviewed by AWS.

(M. David Allen) #3

If you're using the AWS console, here's how to find the images.

Go to "AMIs" under EC2, and then make sure you have "Public Images" selected, and put a filter in to search by AMI ID

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(Wirselix) #4

Hi David,
What about Montreal region? Any plans to support that region as well?
Context: we are running a data lake in AWS, in Frankfurt and Montreal to server 2 different business units. We are planning to add a graph engine as a self service data processing engine for data engineers and data scientists.

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(M. David Allen) #5

It's quite easy for us to add support for a new region. Really all it is, is copying the AMI to a new region and producing a new AMI ID.

But could you tell me what is the region ID? I need to check on our side but I don't see that region available by default, I wonder does it require special permissions or applications? (Amazon does have a number of regions like that, including GovCloud regions).

If you can let me know, I'll try to put the new region in the pipeline for the next build and then it will come each time there's a new release. In the meantime, with the AMIs above, you can copy to a new region following these instructions so you don't need to wait for a new release if you want Neo4j in the montreal region.

If the region isn't accessible to our account for some reason, that technique above should still work.

(Phanindhar Bodla) #6


Am trying to copy the AMI to Mumbai(ap-south-1) location , and ended up with this issue.

Can you please enable copy permissions.

Many Thanks,
Phanindhar Bodla

(M. David Allen) #8

These AMIs are already public, I'm not sure which permission this applies to. I'll see if I can do some research here -- failing that, we'll make sure that ap-south-1 is included in the next release as well.

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(Wirselix) #9

Hi David

Sorry for creating some confusion. When I mean Montreal I mean the Canada Central region of Montreal.
Hope that helps


(Ainsausti) #10

Hi David,

I've launched an AMI in eu-west-1 (ami-0ee4c581e8d1e1908) Community Edition and when I trying to connect either trough port 7474 or 7473 in the browser it throws the following error:

ServiceUnavailable: WebSocket connection failure. Due to security constraints in your web browser, the reason for the failure is not available to this Neo4j Driver. Please use your browsers development console to determine the root cause of the failure. Common reasons include the database being unavailable, using the wrong connection URL or temporary network problems. If you have enabled encryption, ensure your browser is configured to trust the certificate Neo4j is configured to use. WebSocket 'readyState' is: 3

Also the certificate given by the instance is not recognized.

Any solution?

Thanks in advance,

Adrián Insausti.

(M. David Allen) #11

Hi Adrian,

The error is almost certainly that your browser doesn't trust the self-signed certificate that the server is sending. You can either configure your browser to accept that certificate for both port 7473 and 7687 (bolt, which neo4j browser uses) or you can install a signed certificate on the server so the browser won't have to prompt you to trust it.

More information and other possibilities here:

(Ainsausti) #12

I've finally got it running creating a signed certificate with certbot as explained here:

Thank you for your early answer.