Nested Relation Query

Hi everyone!

I know there's already the SDN 6 version but this 'issue' is on SDN/RX that I would like to know if it's already visited. (I think is similar to SDN/RX Dynamic Relationships not being populated with custom @Query - #3 by gerrit.meier )


I have next this entities

public class Work extends HypercubeNode {

	private String state;
public class Workspace extends HypercubeNode {

	private String state;

	@Relationship(type = "WORKSPACE_IN")
	private Map<Work, WorkspaceIn> workspaceIn = new HashMap<>();

public class Changeset extends HypercubeNode {

	private String user;

	@Relationship(type = "CHANGESET_IN")
	private Map<Workspace, ChangesetIn> changesetIn = new HashMap<>();




They are extending an abstract class with base info.

Everything works fine till I try to query Changeset. Using a findById, the query builder is creating next string:

MATCH (n:`Changeset`:`Hypercube`) WHERE (n.ID = $changesetId AND n.CANCELED = false) RETURN n{.CANCELED, .DESCRIPTION, .HISTORY, .ID, .LABEL, .STATE, .USER, __internalNeo4jId__: id(n), __nodeLabels__: labels(n), Changeset_CHANGESET_IN_Workspace: [(n)-[__relationship__:`CHANGESET_IN`]->(n_changesetIn:`Workspace`:`Hypercube`) | n_changesetIn{.APP_LOCK, .CANCELED, .DESCRIPTION, .END_DATE_LOCK, .HISTORY, .ID, .JSON_INPUT, .LABEL, .STATE, .USER_LOCK, __internalNeo4jId__: id(n_changesetIn), __nodeLabels__: labels(n_changesetIn), Workspace_WORKSPACE_IN_Work: [(n_changesetIn)-[__relationship__:`WORKSPACE_IN`]->(n_changesetIn_workspaceIn:`Work`:`Hypercube`) | n_changesetIn_workspaceIn{.CANCELED, .DESCRIPTION, .HISTORY, .ID, .STATE, __internalNeo4jId__: id(n_changesetIn_workspaceIn), __nodeLabels__: labels(n_changesetIn_workspaceIn), __relationship__}], __relationship__}]}

Unfortunately, because of the fact that is using relationship twice, the relation between Work and Workspace is not being captured inside the Changeset object. I'm planning to eventually test this behavior in SDN 6 but I would like to know if there's a track of this issue (we may need some time before changing to SDN 6 in some enviroments).