Neosemantics hangs on neo4j Desktop on MacOS

  • which OS do you use? MacOS 10.15.5
  • neo4j version, desktop version, browser version: Version 1.3.0 (
  • which plugins / extensions / procedures do you use: Neosemantics(n10s) 4.0

I have installed the neo4j Community edition on Ubuntu 16.04 along with neosemantics(n10s) 4.00.

I used neosemantics to successfully import an rdf/xml Classes file and an rdf/xml Instances file which were created via an rdf/xml export from Protege 3.5. There were tens of thousands of lines between the two files but all seemed to import reasonably fast and completely. I successfully executed some Cypher queries, etc. after the imports.

I then installed neo4j Desktop on my MacOS 10.15.5. with 8Gb memory and also added the neosemantics plugin there.

However, when I tried to load the same rdf/xml files into neo4j Desktop neosemantics just hangs and the log file shows many lines like the following:
WARN [o.n.k.i.c.VmPauseMonitorComponent] Detected VM stop-the-world pause: {pauseTime=167, gcTime=0, gcCount=0}

I have run neo4j-admin memrec and adjusted the neo4j.conf file to match but there is no change, it still just hangs.

What else do I need to change?

Thanks, Bill

I have been able to solve this, thanks!