Neosemantics for loading the <owl:Restriction>


I am using the neosemantics plugin to load the OWL file created from protege
In the OWL file I have the owl:Restriction tag, but that information is not loaded to neo4j.
For example,

<owl:onProperty rdf:resource=" - xxx sex videos free hd porn Resources and Information."/>
<owl:hasValue rdf:datatype="XML Schema">1027</owl:hasValue>

Please let me know how to load this information in the neo4j.

If you're importing the ontology using the n10s.onto.import methods then this is normal because this method only imports a subset of the triples in an ontology.

Here's a fragment from the manual describing precisely that:

Ontologies are serialised as RDF, so they can be imported using plain n10s.rdf.import.fetch but the n10s.onto.import.fetch method will give us a higher level of control over how an RDFS or OWL ontology is imported into Neo4j. It’s important to note that this procedure exclusively imports the following:

  1. Named class (category) declarations with both rdfs:Class and owl:Class .
  2. Explicit class hierarchies defined with rdf:subClassOf statements.
  3. Property definitions with owl:ObjectProperty , owl:DatatypeProperty and rdfs:Property
  4. Explicit property hierarchies defined with rdfs:subPropertyOf statements.
  5. Domain and range information for properties described as rdfs:domain and rdfs:range statements.

All other elements will be ignored by this loader.

You can try to import the ontology using the n10s.rdf.import methods instead. While this approach imports all statements in the ontology (including restrictions) the representation may not be the most usable. On that, you may find interesting this thread on <owl:Restriction> definitions: