Neomodel relationships and example cypher query

Hi all,

I'm building a django application with neo4j and have built 3 models. My question is how can I connect them with relationships and use this in a simple cypher query where data from at least 2 models is used?

Note that I added a comment (# key) to the model fields which are the keys.

class Products(StructuredNode):

    uid = UniqueIdProperty()

    sku = StringProperty(unique_index=True, required=True) #key

    product = StringProperty()

    brand = StringProperty()

    gender = StringProperty()

    fit = StringProperty()

    color = StringProperty()

class Clicks(StructuredNode):

    uid = UniqueIdProperty()

    user_email = StringProperty() #key

    click_date = DateTimeProperty()

    click_sku = StringProperty() #key

class Users(StructuredNode):

    uid = UniqueIdProperty()

    user_email = StringProperty(unique_index=True) #key

    username = StringProperty()

Cypher query in django view where only one model is used:

def feed(request):

    query = 'MATCH (n:Products) RETURN n LIMIT 10'

    results, _ = db.cypher_query(query)

    products = [Products.inflate(row[0]) for row in results]

    context = {'products':products} # resultaten hiervan checken

    return render(request, 'feed/feed.html', context)

If anybody can help me out by illustrating what I've to add to my models and how to use at least 2 models with a relation in the cypher query, that would be really awesome.