Neo4j parser : for vis.js representation

Good day,
I am aware of Neovis but this tool is too limited on the visualization front, I want to know if a parser exists of some kind that can output neo4j data in way that is can be converted to vis.js json format (I have coded this part already) Just the neo4j output I want to check (but the current json I can use will just take more time)

Busy looking at APOC at the moment (graphML)

Were you able to dig in further into this?
I have similar case where I am able to retrieve the data via JSON, but this loses all the string formatting it has. Should something be done to retain the character formatting (e.g. enter keys, tabs, bullets, special characters etc..)

If you have neo4j output in JSON format, you can import that into a JavaScript app using the jQuery $.getJSON method. You might then likely need to write JavaScript logic to transform that into the structure needed by vis.js.

I saw an example of doing something like that ... which might be of interest to you at: