Neo4j Monitoring Dashboard with PromQL and Grafana

Hi, here is Part 2 of Monitoring Neo4j and Procedures with Prometheus and Grafana

This tutorial is focused on how to create a Neo4j Dashboard with Grafana and PromQL, with plenty of Neo4j specific examples, and a quickstart project to get started in no time, including the full dashboard.

Happy Monitoring!


I've been enjoying your post on the subject. Can I encourage you to share your Grafana dashboard on their community site? I'd love to see what other people are monitoring on their dashboards about Neo4j.

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Hello Mike,
thanks for your comment! Yes, I plan to publish the dashboard at Dashboards | Grafana Labs next week. I am happy you think it would be interesting. I'll keep you updated.


I'm very interesting too by your dashboard :slight_smile:
Let us know when you published it :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

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Thanks for submitting!

I've added a tag that allows your blog to be displayed on the community home page!

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Hi @ycot and @mike_r_black, thanks for your interest. The dashboard is published! Dashboards | Grafana Labs let me know what you think!