Neo4j memory issue


We are running data ingest in neo4j enterprise 4.4.5 with large data set. we have 3 cores and 1 read replica. Running AWS r6i.xlarge(32GB, quad core). Setting heapsize = 12GB for both initial and max. Pagecache size = 12GB. Memory allocated for each member is 24G. After some time the RAM is fully used and my EKS pods are restarting after some time become unresponsive.

Any suggestion?

Hi, thanks for posting.
Unfortunately, more information is required.
What are you ingesting - CSV?
Take a look into the debug.log and neo4j.log.
I found your other post, is this the same issue?

Chances are, you might be running everything in a big transaction that consumes all your memory. Split the ingestion into smaller transactions.

To do this have a look at
CALL {} Subqueries (which will replace PERIODIC COMMIT)
or apoc.periodic.commit and apoc.periodic.iterate