Neo4j in Production vs Neo4j Administration for Certification

I am preparing for Neo4j Certification examination and have completed the Introduction to Neo4j online training. Towards the end of the course it is mentioned that the certification exam tests on content in the Neo4j in Production online course as well. That course is now deprecated and replaced by the new Neo4j Administration course.

Can someone please confirm if the new course covers all the topics the old one did and if the certification exam questions are aligned with the new course?

The free Neo4j Certified Developer exam does not test you on anything related to Neo4j Administration.

Good luck to you in taking the exam!


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For the sake of clarity, does the exam test one on the deprecated Neo4j in Production course as that has been mentioned here.


It does not test you on any content in the deprecated production course either. I have taken that information out of the online course.

Sorry for the confusion.


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