Neo4j in IoT and time series


I'm rather new to Neo4j
I use InfluxDB as my time series datastore. However for IoT Asset/Device Management I'm considering using Neo4j.
With this in mind can InfluxDB be a part of my Neo4j device management db? Or, in these use cases, IoT - device management & time series, is Neo4j used for both?
My preference would be continue to use InfluxDB for time series data.

Thanks for any info.

Hi @guy.dillen,

Here you can find comparing between InfluxDB and Neo4j:
I don't know details about your projects, but for me if you can using InfluxDb in IOT part of you project it not neccesery to using new technology like Neo4j.

Hi @maciej.krzywdaa,

Thanks you for your reply.

However I know the differences between a time series (eg InfluxDB) and a graph database (eg Neo4j).
I was considering using Neo4j i for storing the meta data of all devices and their relationships. InfluxDB is not meant/not used for storing this kind of (meta)data. My question, maybe not clearly formulated, was:
Is it possible/best practice to make a “link” from the device management graph to the time series data (stored in InfluxDB) or storing also the time series data (instead of using InfluxDB) as part of the graph?