Neo4j-graphql-js ignoring _id fields while creating relation mutations

Here am facing issue while using auto-generated mutations generated by neo4j-graphql-js . My schema is as follows. When I want to add relation in between question and solution, I am expecting from and to should be _ id of respective types. But it is expecting attachment_ paths and content of respective types/nodes. I have added an image of auto-generated mutation. Where we can observe from and to input parameters which are compulsory.


type Solution {
_id: Long!
attachment_paths: [String]!
attachment_titles: [String]
content: String!
questions: [Question] @relation(name: "Answer", direction: "IN")

type Question {
_id: Long!
content: String!
context: String!
hint: String!

How I can model my types so that I should get from as _id of and to as _id of both types in relation mutations.

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I think I have the same question. I don't know how to have the _id field in the auto generated type _*Input in order to use it to add relationships.